House Tour: Hello 1960s Kitchen!

We are back in business to continue the house tour! Remember when I began it in the living room since it is the first room when you enter the house? It also gave me the opportunity to show off my newest organization project with the entry closet. The living room and the kitchen are partially open to each other, so it is the natural next step in the house tour. It is also the room that most dates the house!

Here we go…walking into the kitchen from the living room. Behold the yellow tones galore!

Welcome! You have arrived! Although it is outdated, we don’t have the heart to paint over the real  (meaning not particle board), quality wood cabinets. Well not yet. The years are starting to show wear in some places.

One of my favorite things about the kitchen? Our trash compactor (minus its pea green color). Although I do have a black can of appliance spray painting waiting for spring months to make it less 60s and match our other appliances.

We are definitely people who like to decorate with pictures and items that mean a lot to us. We try not to be generic. This red board from Ikea was a perfect fit in this nook to put some fun things on.

How have a lived without a wall oven my entire life before this house? I LOVE a wall oven and never want to be without one. I actually love the older look of this stove. We will keep it until it completely dies. As for the stove top, I am itching to switch that out for a flat top.

Ahh, the best view of the kitchen. I love how HUGE and mostly OPEN our kitchen is. There is no lack of counter space and prep room. It is awesome! I love our kitchen so much. As I am a girl of the 21st century I freely admit that I like to watch TV as a prepare food. Our TV actually swivels and you can see it in the kitchen and living room. This space also provides an amazing place for entertaining. It allows flow between the kitchen and living room but enough division if people want to do entirely two different activities (Think Super Bowl parties. Ladies in the kitchen who can watch it they want to but mostly gabbing instead, while the fellows are in the living room watching the game. Perfection!)

Nothing beats an eat-in kitchen. This is also Eric’s grandmother’s dining set passed down to him. Yes, that is a small evergreen tree with lights on it that we keep up all year round. It’s NOT a Christmas tree.

The divider between the more open part of the kitchen. The previous owners painted it with accents of yellow like the wall. How terrible. More yellow. This is going to be my guinea pig for painting cabinets and the hardware. It is also just a holding ground for some random decorations.
A fun refurbishing project I did with an old rubber stamp holder used for printing things many years ago. It was a dingy wood that I spray painted white (except for the handle to keep it a little old time-y) and then used different colors to make it pop with color. I mostly like it. I love the concept but the colors may be changed out later. This is a tribute to my mom. She did this (although keeping it antique looking) and had an amazing miniature collection that I would stare at for hours in my childhood. It was so special to her and to me that I had to start my own. It is lacking her amazing small finds. I am working on getting more, well worthwhile things in this. Although Eric did buy me a miniature Cube shipping straight from Japan. The idea is to provide a place for small collectibles from our travels. Hence the boomerang from Australia. Also notice to amazing Ocoo drink bottle from Alyson’s boyfriend Martin who started this amazing drink!
A final view of the kitchen!

So what do you think if we ever get to do a full gut (in my dreams) or more realistically paint the cabinets and maybe even the counters. Light cabinets and dark counters? Or dark cabinets with light counter tops? Or maybe two tone with a different color on some of the cabinets?