House Tour: Guest Bedroom #2

Hi again! I apologize my lapse in posting. I think I unofficially took a “spring break” from the blog. I don’t know where you live, but where I am summer seemed to have come early! It was has been bright and sunny with no humidity! So instead of writing, I was frolicking in the sunshine. But I am back and excited to dive into some great projects. Another great side effect of good weather – so much easier to do projects. So we will dive back into the house tour with guest bedroom number two. I am working on a floor plan map and a page to index everything so it makes sense.

To walk you through what we have done, it started with the living room which is the first room that you walk into when you enter the house. That leads straight into the kitchen. Then we took a trip down the left side of the house to the guest/hall bathroom. Then we skipped the smallest bedroom across from the bedroom (which is what we are doing today!) to the guest room to show a before and after with a fresh coat of paint. So now we will back up to the 3rd bedroom.

Before we jump in with a disclaimer, we have  not spent a lot of time on this room and don’t really have huge plans for it now…this is future baby Rapp’s room in a few years (no this is NOT a baby announcement). We just don’t feel like painting and doing intense decorating on a room that barely gets used. I say that now, when I have tons of other projects to do. Once those are done, who knows, I may change my mind!

Welcome in! You can see the dresser on the left and the beginning of the bed posts on the right. These are two pieces of a beautiful set Eric’s parents gave us when they moved. They fit perfectly into the room and we love them!
Here is a better view of the bed. It also sports a duvet cover set that I snapped up at my first trip to Ikea right after we were married. I just fell in love with it! You will also notice that there are a few stuffed animals on the bed. I won’t lie. I still have a special place in my heart for my sentimental stuffed animals. So they hang in this room. Above the bed is the newest addition of artwork that I got for Christmas. My in-laws gave it to me and it just fits perfectly into the room!
This picture gives you a better sense of the artwork and the animals! The light fixture is reflecting in the picture – that isn’t part of the art!
I love these curtains. Not only are they another handmade masterpiece of love my my mother-in-law but they also fit the room perfectly. I thought it may be hard to find a pair of curtains that would go with such a busy comforter, but they just compliment in color in pattern. I love sheers in the room too. They let is so much light but add a softer touch.
A last look at the room on our way out. It gives a spatial sense, as you can see it it directly across from the bathroom.
This is definitely a room with some great pieces, but not a whole lot of identity. Projects to do for this room include:
  • Get better lighting. Don’t know if you noticed the ugly, misfit lamp in the corner. It’s a leftover from college, where it was perfect. Now it is just there is someone was does stay there and needs light to read in bed or the like. It has no style.
  • Also want to get some sort of bedside tables or floating shelves.
  • A few more pieces of artwork would be nice.
  • Looking at this room makes me want to change my mind and paint it…we will see.
  • Wouldn’t a focal wall of stenciling be awesome in this room?!
  • I think gold accents would be beautiful.
Any other ideas on how to freshen up the room? What color would you paint it?  I would love to hear your ideas!